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Fluence Flixed!

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Oh, what a day!

This afternoon I took my Fluence for an MOT. I was surprised to hear that it failed due to rear fog lights. I never use the damn things. However, indeed, they don't seem to work. There is a 2nd control on the indicator stalk which you flick one way for front fogs, (they work) and the other way for rear fogs.

I thought it must be a fuse, so consulted the manual. They do not mention one for fog lights, but the fuse box contains many more fuses than are shown in the book. Therefore I started pulling them out one by one to try to find a duff one.

They all seem okay. However, my car now has loads of error messages and won't move. What have I done?

I have the 12v battery off overnight, and hope it may forget this by tomorrow. Failing that will try the scan tool.

Any thoughts?
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What is it with Renaults giving scary warning messages when very simple things are wrong with them?
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