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Fluence Flixed!

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Oh, what a day!

This afternoon I took my Fluence for an MOT. I was surprised to hear that it failed due to rear fog lights. I never use the damn things. However, indeed, they don't seem to work. There is a 2nd control on the indicator stalk which you flick one way for front fogs, (they work) and the other way for rear fogs.

I thought it must be a fuse, so consulted the manual. They do not mention one for fog lights, but the fuse box contains many more fuses than are shown in the book. Therefore I started pulling them out one by one to try to find a duff one.

They all seem okay. However, my car now has loads of error messages and won't move. What have I done?

I have the 12v battery off overnight, and hope it may forget this by tomorrow. Failing that will try the scan tool.

Any thoughts?
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Its probably just got its knickers in a twist. With all the fuses back in it will probably be ok.

I bought a Fluence project car recently, they are a part of EV history.

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Thanks Gary. You were correct. This morning everything is back to normal, but I still have no fog lights, or indicator for them on the dash.

Meanwhile, I have tested every fuse in the glove box, and all the ones in that weird box on the left of the battery. They are all fine. I'm really stumped. Would dead bulbs, or a bad contact in the boot lid prevent the indicator on the dash coming on?
Bulb definitely worth checking next. It could well be "smart" and stop the dash light coming on.

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G.a.r.y. where did you buy the Fluence from (area)? What colour is it? I had seen one for sale (and visited it) in august this year near Luton. But had a flight the same day and could not get it home then. Hope it was you, it was in mint condition.

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I bought mine from Dublin and had it imported. It was originally a UK car that was exported to Ireland and i'm in the process of getting it re-imported (in a paperwork sense, as the car is here already). My car technically still has a battery lease however the previous owner wasnt paying it and I havent signed any paperwork, probably got lost with it being exported. The car works fine but battery health is low. Once ive got it imported i'll probably get Renault to check the battery health, I can see its 61% on my diagnostics reader but im not sure what they will do as the lease currently isnt being paid !

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