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Fluence Flixed!

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Oh, what a day!

This afternoon I took my Fluence for an MOT. I was surprised to hear that it failed due to rear fog lights. I never use the damn things. However, indeed, they don't seem to work. There is a 2nd control on the indicator stalk which you flick one way for front fogs, (they work) and the other way for rear fogs.

I thought it must be a fuse, so consulted the manual. They do not mention one for fog lights, but the fuse box contains many more fuses than are shown in the book. Therefore I started pulling them out one by one to try to find a duff one.

They all seem okay. However, my car now has loads of error messages and won't move. What have I done?

I have the 12v battery off overnight, and hope it may forget this by tomorrow. Failing that will try the scan tool.

Any thoughts?
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Would dead bulbs, or a bad contact in the boot lid prevent the indicator on the dash coming on?
Unlikely, but worth checking. Do you know where the relevant CanBus controller is situated and what else it drives? It is worth checking that it is making a suitable output.
Do the boot electrics go through a loom or via contacts? If the former check that the cables haven't broken (happens a lot on other cars - had it on 2 BMW and 1 VW), if contacts then are they clean?
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So presumably the driver's side is the single fog light? It also says: 'Please see an authorised dealer.' Does that mean that the bulb can't be replaced, and you have to replace the entire fitting?
It is nearly always a single light, particularly when paired with a reverse light position. If it is a single bulb the chance of a single failure causing the issue is much higher.
The bulb will be replaceable, but probably only by removing the light unit or some trim rather than having a convenient access panel.
Before you start dismantling the car check that power is getting to the unit. Sometimes the steering column stalk switches fail or one of the electrical connectors gets a bad connection.
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For anyone wanting CHAdeMO on their Fluence or Kangoo ZE let me know.

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Why did you choose CHAdeMO rather than CCS?
Ah, must be the de-facto new standard then. :devilish:

Very impressive work though.
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