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European Car of the Year 2012
I've had this 3 and a half years and its been the best car I've had. It must be the best model Vauxhall never made.
Will do on average 30 to 40 miles on a charge, 30 winter and 40/45 summer I have had over 50 miles on a charge but thats uncommon.
This is the MY13 with the power meter.

Ampera Silver Topaz Positiv (thats the pale blue one), MY2013 on a 64 plate 45,500 miles covered so 54,500miles and 3 years Voltec warranty (2 years 11 months and a couple of weeks) remaining. And yes the 5th year service has just been completed with the coolant by Bellingers. Oil due on next service and MOT.

The 12v Battery is just 3 years old, the alloy wheels were replaced by VX at 3 years due to the usual corrosion, These are OK. It has had the rear reflectors replaced (water in them) and the drivers door handle - all 4 currently work.

All 4 tires are good and are Goodyear Efficient grip. It also has the luxury of a diy radiator grill as advised by the forum.
Will throw in the 5m T1-T2 cable alongside the Granny Unit.
As the original tyre goop is way out of date there is a new can in the rear underfloor tray.

Asking £12,500
PM for registration for MOT checking etc.
This is in the St Albans, Hertfordshire area.
Photos in next post
PM if interested
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