Thanks to a bit of rash impulsive behaviour whilst looking at Tesla's used inventory this morning, I've found myself with a spare Leaf.

73,500 miles covered, serviced annually by Nissan. In that flame red that nearly all Leafs were in at one point in time.

A couple of minor scuffs, but great overall condition. It's never given us any trouble whatsoever. 10 battery health bars. It's a nice spec, that Acenta+ is pretty much a Tekna without the leather, I think. The onboard charger is 3.3kw. You can just about get 100 miles out of it in summer, nearer 80 this time of the year.

This has been used daily for the school run, primarily local pottering about. The Chademo port has been used maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 40 months.

I'm not interested in dealing with anyone who isn't buying for themselves, so if you're buying for your forecourt please find someone else to pester. Viewing welcome in March, Cambs.

If you can prove my asking price is unrealistic I'm flexible, but I'll look at asking prices for comparable cars, NOT what think it's worth. I don't want any more than fair value in a private sale.

I'm such a rubbish saleman. It's a nice little car for somebody though, whoever buys it will be pleased with it, I'm sure. :)
More pics to follow when it's had a damn good clean!

We've had it since Oct 19, here's proof if you need it.