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Due to a change of work circumstances and arrival of a new company car, we are selling our trusty Passat GTE Estate. It’s a Passat GTE Estate (non-Advance) first registered 27/6/2018. I've had it from new as a company car, and bought it from the lease company at the end of my 2-year contract, so it shows one previous owner on V5C which is the leasing company. It's currently done 43919 miles but will likely go up a little bit. It has a full VW warranty until 26 June 2021 or 60k miles, and also a transferable CarPlan warranty from the lease company.

I have always bought my company cars and rotated them around family members and/or sold off our older second car, so as I intended to keep the Passat I carefully specified it to keep the list price below £40k; this means it does not fall into the luxury tax bracket, so VED is £140 per year (saving £330 per year for the next 4 years).

To keep the price down, I chose to stick with the standard Urano Grey paint and instead specified the dynamic LED headlights upgrade (absolutely brilliant, steers with full beam, includes washers, and lets you adjust lights to Euro driving with a simple settings menu change). I also added the reversing camera which is really essential for a large car IMHO. Apart from that the spec is standard and includes front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, 8" infotainment screen with satnav and Apple CarPlay/Android auto, climate control with rear seat temperature panel, heated front seats, etc. It also has WeConnect subscription active until its 3rd birthday for remote access to heating/defrosting/air-conditioning etc.

It's got a full service history from VW dealer, including last major service at around 39k miles that included DSG gearbox oil change and spark plugs. It's got recent front and almost new rear tyres, new wiper blades, and both 13A and Type-2 charging cables. Condition is very good, just a couple of points:
  • a pheasant flew in front of us a couple of months ago and hit the front bumper; this left a small crack in the bumper to the right of the number plate which is almost unnoticeable unless looking for it; not worth an insurance claim and I was more than happy to live with it.
  • Small 1” mark in the headlining above the rear view mirror.
The reason we are selling is due to a change of work for my daughter and new company car for me having arrived.

Asking price is £19995. We are located near Cirencester in Gloucestershire. Any questions then please shout.






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