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We come up to Keswick from the Midlands frequently as we own a holiday let cottage here. However today is the first time I ventured up in the i3. I wasn't too worried as I have the Rex to fall back on.

First stop at Stafford for a cup of coffee and and rapid top up from 50%. Only problem is that the app refused to connect. However it appeared to be charging and 20 mins later was up to 95%.

Next stop Tebay for lunch. The Rex cut in as we were going up Shap for the final few miles. However a rather sad queue of Leafs (Leaves?) waiting for one of the two chargers at Tebay didn't look promising and the drivers told me that the other charger wasn't working. However, I decided to try the other CCS charger anyway but got "Error - unable to communicate with vehicle" and it reset back the start.

Checking the car, it seemed to be charging anyway despite the fault :)

After a lovely lunch it was back up to 95% so we got all the way to Keswick on free vend (apart from my home charge before setting off and a teaspoonful of petrol).

I hardly ever use Motorway rapid charge points and I reckon this brings my total up to 4 charges since I bought the car. 3 of those have been free vend.

Happy as I am to get free fuel I would much prefer to pay for a reliable network which is simple to use and with lots of spare capacity so I could be confident I would get a charge. It seems to me that the Ecotricity network is not fit for purpose.

The poor Leaf drivers were still queuing as I left:(
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