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Here is my guide to removal of front bumper of the ioniq 2017 Premium EV My purpose for this was to change the Emblem on the front bumper.

Tools required:
2 trolly jacks (2 ton minimum)

Long Wrench bar (sockets 21MM and 22MM required for removal of tyres)

Small wrench and small extension (8MM socket) For Nut / Bolt on both sides

Thin flat head screwdriver (Jewlers type or or small thin regular type for black plugs)

Long large piece of card or material (to place the bumper on)

Step 1: make sure you are in park with hand brake on, pull the bonnet lever on the lower right, now get out and open the bonnet.

Step 2: Now use the locking nut and the 21MM socket And long wrench to remove that nut only. Use the long wrench and 22MM socket to loosen the wheel nuts (do not remove them yet), do this on both sides.

Step 3: Place trolly jacks at jacking points under front of vehicle (under the car lower seals behind front wheels you will see the rectangular cut were the round rubber contact is for the jack) Place jacks on both sides and jack up the car.

Step 4: Remove all wheel nuts and place tyres aside.

Step 5: Stand at the front of the vehicle looking down you will see the 4 round black clips 2 on each side of the fan warning sticker, use the thin flat screwdriver and place it inbetween the smaller circular part of the clip and it’s base and gently pry upwards, it will lift up about a 1cm once it has done this remove the screw driver and pull upwards ( outwards ) to remove the whole clip repeat on all 4 and place them somewhere secure.

Step 6: Now do the same for the clips on the front wheel arch guards (with the screwdriver). I did not remove all, just the the ones contacting the front bumper inside of the arch. Once removed look for The small nut/ bolt Located near upper part of the bumper in the wheel arch (near were the bumper meets the side arch on the body line) it has a star shaped inside (Incase you want to use a screwdriver) I used a small wrench with extension and a small 8mm socket and remove this, once you have done this gently pull on the guard to loosen it slightly. Repeat all of step 6 on other side.

Step 7: Standing in front of the car again now place yourself under the front bumper of the car and again using the screwdriver remove the clips at the bottom front and those connecting to the side arch guards.

Step 8: Place the large piece of card or material on the ground in front of the bumper

Step 9: Facing the front of the car on the right hand side go to the wheel arch and slightly pull out the wheel arch guard, there you will see is a cable connected to a large plug with a grey clip (Not the lights it’s further in and bigger) I tried to unplug it with my screwdriver but it seemed to be stuck shut from dirt built up so I had to leave it on but some one might know how to Remove / unplug this (Pic is at the bottom of this post).

Step 10: Now from inside of the arch Move the arch guard and pull the bumper outwards, Do this on both sides or have someone do it with you, I was carful with the right side as I had a cable connected. The whole bumper should now come off.

Re fit is steps reversed. I have pics of step 6 in regards to the nut with the star in it and step 9 that I did not manage to do.



I hope this may be of Some help to any one in the future and sorry pics ain’t that great but my phone is old lol.

Thanks J
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