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Ok, who will be at the Fully Charged Live Show this weekend? I'll be there Saturday (say Hi if you spot me!).

It'll be the first opportunity for members of the public to drive the Ariya in the UK. Having had two opportunities myself to drive the Ariya now (Millbrook Proving Ground, and also around the hills in Alicante), I have to say that I've been very impressed by it. So much so, that I've ordered an Ariya for myself (currently showing as September delivery!).

I think you'll love the Ariya too, so if you get to see/drive the car at Fully Charged Live, and you'd like to get a quotation to see if it could be your next car, we've got a promotion running over this weekend.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky

Take a selfie with the All-New #NissanARIYA, tag Chorley Group in the photo! We'll then contact you to get you a personalised quote on the Nissan Ariya.

When you place your deposit, you’ll get a £250 voucher to go towards accessories or options for your new ARIYA.
Where to tag us

Facebook: "@ChorleyGroup"
Instagram: "@chorleygroup"
Twitter: "@chorley_group"

It's worth pointing out that as of Tuesday 3rd May, there's a £1000 price hike across the board on all Nissan Ariya (due to increasing production costs), so if you want to beat the increase, contact us this weekend!
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