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Last night I was heading to watch the Badminton as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

The City has set the games up to be very pro public transport and there is no parking at the venues themselves. Your ticket for the event gives you free rides on the buses or trains and there is pre-bookable park and ride venues as well.

For the badminton I decided to leave the car in the City Centre and catch the low level train out to the Emirates Arena.

There are 4 EV Charging Stations in Bothwell Street in Glasgow just round the corner from Glasgow Central station. Now whilst I was not going to park there as I don't have a CYC card I passed the spaces and was somewhat surprised to see all 4 occupied by EV's all charging.

Even more surprising was that there were no LEAF's or Ampera's. There were 2 Zoe's, an iMiev and an u-UP!

3 Points came to mind.

1) This was further proof that EV ownership is on the increase.

2) Once numbers increase the provision of public charging posts will need to either increase dramatically or with the advent of 200 mile range cars (current subject of speculation) the "need" for public charging posts will not actually be there.

3) The luxury of treating a public post as "your own personal charger" that you can leave your car in all day will likely change. The need to move once charged, as can be seen from recent threads, will become controlled in some fashion.

Interesting times ahead.

Any views?

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Agreed. Can still see need for some public charging with 200 miles range....some days are extraordinary, and some people are nervous about not being fully charged.

The anode breakthrough is what we need. Will allow faster charging all the way to 100%. At some point can see it being pay charge and go at rapids....like car washes. With destination charging playing an important role.

Even today my Leaf can fast charge at 30 miles an hour. This is sufficent for many destination charging opportunities. There is already a garden centre in the south of England that has multiples of these...several dozen? And at a grand installed, perhaps less in bulk I could imagine a time where some car parks have access to charge at every space. This already happens in Canada for ice cars to stop them....well....iceing in the winter!

Other things that may impact are the "flow" technology being trialled, where you can just fill up with the electrolyte to recharge like at a gas station. So allowing a revenue stream which may appeal to big business....;)

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Hi Derek
Hope you enjoyed the Badminton! I was there a few days ago (with extended family) but just travelled all the way there on the train. Nice to have free public transport included with the ticket. I recall it was the same for Hampden at the Olympics footie events in 2012. Hopefully it will encourage other similar 'events' to do the same....
Glasgow seems to be pretty well catered for in terms of public charging. At work I'm very close to some on-street parking (Wilson Street), but as a PHEV rather than a BEV, I'm reluctant to park there as quite often there are two LEAFs and an i3 (don't know if the latter is a REx or not!) in three of the four spaces. But there is a multi-storey a bit further away which is usually quieter!
I agree with all three of your points. I wonder whether, once the parking and/or charging ceases to be free, these public charging posts will be quite so busy. I suspect not, although hopefully they will bring in sensible charges (time and/or kWh)....
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