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GM will replace Ampera in Europe, values "eMobility"

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While Vauxhall couldn't commit on the "end of the Ampera" news recently reported, but Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann has now reassured the EV world that Opel consider the electric vehicle market as "important" and they will have a successor to the Ampera when current stocks run out.

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That may be...but in 2 years? What's more important is GM's commitment to EVs and by extrapolation, it's network of electric certified service offering.
Just read a blog commenting on the speculation. Would be such a shame if they dropped it, but even worse if they didn't replace it with something better.

Decided to tweet @Vauxhall and yes, one tweet won't do anything but if everyone showed support for the Ampera it MAY have an impact on the powers that be. The vast majority of people I speak to about it are interested and most are pleasantly surprised.

Get tweeting etc Ampera-ites!

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Surely it's only going to add a few miles though...
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