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Hello fellow GTE owners!

Not too long ago I picked up a Mk7.5 Golf GTE in Atlantic Blue.

I've owned a few Golf Mk6/Mk7/Mk7.5's in my time, the Mk7 Golf R being the last Golf I owned. I used to mod and install OEM+ upgrades to most of the cars I've owned and thought I would start a little build thread of my own.

This is is no way a guide how to mod your car, more of an inspirational thread to give people ideas of what can be changed in these cars.
Not everyone will like the mods/changes I have made but hopefully will give you all some inspiration for your own cars.

Happy to share info on how I did the mods and where I sourced the parts.

So to start, a picture of the car.
(for some reason I only have a side shot!?)

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

First mod.
Replace the horrible centre console with an OEM arm rest version.
(why oh why is the arm rest an optional extra!)
Picked up a second hand one on fleabay for about £45. Very easy to install but does involve removing the entire centre console. Half hour job for anyone familiar with these cars.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover Auto part Head restraint

Second mod.
Install the matching dead pedal and change the car mats.
(Sorry, not specific photo's of the new car mats but you can see the almost matching coloured piping around the edges) Yes, they already need a clean!
10min job and cost around £25 for the dead pedal and £50 for the mats)

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Third mod.
Replace the worn out DSG gear leaver parts.
(This time I have a before and after photo)
Cost around £16.

Car Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Automotive design

Vehicle Gear shift Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

That's all for now.

Next planned mods are:

Replace scratched piano black gear lever surround
Swap the GTE chrome steering wheel trim with the piano black one from the Golf R
Install Gell front and rear plates
Replace gaitor with an alcantara version with blue stitching (will also be doing steering wheel and armrest lid at some point)

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got a link for the gear knob parts? easy enough to fit?

Not the exact listing I purchased because I already had the top part from a previous car but it's exactly the same as mine.
Dead easy pal. 5min job. They just pop off with a trim tool.
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