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Twee dagen oude hybride auto vliegt in brand na ontploffing tijdens het rijden | Auto | AD.nl

Two-day-old hybrid car catches fire after blast while driving
In Germany, a two-day-old plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE caught fire while driving. Volkswagen is investigating the incident.

According to the owner, his brand new VW Golf GTE caught fire while driving through the city of Hesse. The new plug-in hybrid car had only 300 kilometers on the odometer. The two occupants reported seeing a bright blue flash and hearing a loud bang. The bang and the pressure wave were so intense that the vehicle's windows were pushed out. The occupants then quickly exited the vehicle and pulled themselves to safety. Both suffered only minor injuries.

According to the fire department, the vehicle battery had caught fire several times. In order to finally extinguish the burning Wave 8, a special container was transported to the site of the accident. With the help of such containers, it is possible to fully immerse burning electric cars in water in order to control smoldering battery fires. But in the end, the fire could also be extinguished without the use of the container.
Volkswagen is currently investigating the circumstances and technical background of the incident. "Based on the results of the investigation, we will take appropriate action if necessary."

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I love the way that it is written to imply that the battery was the issue. :devilish:
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