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I only had the golf gte while the dealer got my Passat gte ready (they were running late) It was only a few nights but in that time we drove to Paris (W/dealers consent!) so have an idea of what it's like. I can't remember for sure But I think the golf loses the under boot storage so no Place to put cables, if so the Passat Has an advantage as it has a (smaller than ICE variant) place to store things a under the boot floor. I managed to fit the EVSE/Type 2 cables, puncture repair kit & even some extension leads & my euro plug (Schuko) adapters..(W/ a bit of space spare..!)
it has a better spec as standard like heated seats. (& cold package in general)
I also had the advance so it has even more 'toys' like the virtual cockpit & overhead camera (both quite useful imo)
The other thing It has is a bigger battery (8kWh usable in my 66 reg estate) most people think it makes no difference to range as Passat is bigger/heavier (& mine was on 18" alloys & I think The golf gte has 17s?) but I could get over 30 miles in summer & just under That in winter.. (must people seem to Get around 20-25 in the golf from reading posts on here but there are a lot of factors - I would preheat while plugged in at home which helps)
I'm sure there are more differences but others will hopefully give their experiences.
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