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It’s the same as a petrol car

your estimated range changes based on lots of things

I’ve set off in my petrol car before and it’s said I have 200 miles range and an hour in it still says the same after gradually going up and then coming back down

the trouble is, people worry about the range left on an ev

stop worrying

only look at the “petrol” gauge

charge you at home when you get get to 1/4 full or if you know you have a longer journey the next day (just like you would with petrol)

My dad tells me he could never have an ev because it takes too long to charge yet he does about 50miles a week

he says to me “imagine going to the petrol station and having to spend 4 hours there” to which I say “I haven’t been to a petrol station for 3 years dad”


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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