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I’ve a Peugeot e2008 it’s a fantastic car also first ev just seemed odd that the same journeys could change the amount of miles in the GOM it’s just I’ve got a couple of longish journey (hopefully) in the next few months been planning on Zap-Map should be ok just wondered if I was driving wrong lol with it dropping so fast some days
The recent Peugeot (and other PSA Family cars) EVs have very poor efficiency, especially in this colder weather we had recently compared to some other brands. You're not the only person to notice this. The GOM Will jump around a lot and won't be the most helpful tool in the world. I Don't know if you can see the percentage of battery charge in your car or not, but if you can this will be more useful.

I would suggest using ABRP rather than Zap Map for planning a longer journey. You can tell it what car you have, and it will take into account all kinds of variables like weather conditions that you can set as part of your plan. If you give it a realistic idea of your routes it will give you VERY accurate ideas of what your car is capable of, as well as suggestions of where is best to charge, and how long for.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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