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Kia Soul 30Kwh, 2018
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a'r'noon y'all.
We are finally taking the plunge with EV - something we've wanted to do since day 1 but didn't think we'd be able to afford for a good while yet.....HOWEVER..... 12 months ago I decided to go and buy a 15 year old 5l V8 with a view to having one last blast before being forced into self-drive electric johnny cabs. 12 months later I managed to work out that the amount of money I'm putting into the fossil fuel burner works out more per month (petrol/tax/maintenance) than the finance I'd need to purchase a 2 year old Kia Soul 30Kwh. Once I'd managed to help my wife see it this way (1 car family, she doesn't drive but will be financing), it was a no-brainer and deal done in a day. Since Wednesday I've had more questions bubbling up than in the last 5 years, had problems sleeping and am getting quite excited.

This will be us virtually fossil free as we already have solar/battery/ashp, which is nice.

Swapping to Octopus to take advantage of night time rate of 5p/Kwh when I can't charge from local freebies.

Will always be grateful for useful, constructive advice.
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