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Hi all. First post!

I took delivery of my first EV this week: a Dec. 2015 Leaf 30KWh. It has 12 bars (but Leaf Spy tells me it is at 85.7% SOH) and 34,000 miles on the clock. Apart from a bit of wear and tear it seems in good condition. No service history except for the one just done by the dealer. Poor communication throughout with the dealer but that aside I'm left wondering if this is a good deal or not. I paid £12,500.

Any thoughts, as I'm wondering if I should send it back (I have 14 days under distance selling regulations)?
Seems a bit more expensive that I would have expected but market prices may have gone up in the nearly 2 years since I bought my 2016 Leaf 30 - I paid about the same for a Tekna with 24k miles on the clock that at the time would have been 3 years younger than yours.

Battery health seems par for the course for the age - mine is down to about 86% SoH now so still just clinging onto its 12th bar, and is a year younger but has done 45k miles so that probably evens things out a bit. As long as Leafspy shows good cell voltage balance and no obvious weak cells the battery is probably as good as could be expected for a nearly 7 year old Leaf.

No service history is perhaps a slight problem - the Leaf 30 has a 100k mile 8 year "battery warranty" which requires proof of yearly servicing being kept up to be honoured, however as your car is pushing 7 years old now you'd only have one year of that left, and Nissan are notorious for trying their best not to honour the battery warranty for things like faulty cells so in the end it's probably not worth worrying about - the chance of anything going wrong with the battery in the last year of its battery warranty if it currently tests good is very remote.

As others have mentioned, check the firmware version of the LBC (battery management ECU - there's threads on how to check this) to see if it's due a software update that will increase the reported SoH. Mine has already had this update before I bought it.

The question is, do you feel you paid an acceptable price for what you were looking for relative to current going market prices, do you like the car to drive, and does its real world range meet your expectations ? Those are questions only you can answer.
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