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Government Tax Losses And Savings.

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Increasingly, people are mentioning that the Government will be loosing income from tax on cars and fuel with the movement to electric vehicles. To counter this does anyone have any information on the amount of money that will be directly saved, for example, by the NHS by the reduction in treatments for patients affected by vehicle pollution e.g. asthma, emphysema, COPD and so on as well as treating the various cancers attributed to environmental toxins?

There is also the sheer loss to the economy by premature deaths, i.e. loss of trained workers, loss of consumers, reduction of output, time off work, not to mention the emotional factors.

I understand that a common figure used by many UK government departments to calculate this ‘value of a prevented fatality‘ is £1.8 million per early death and to the US EPA the ‘value of life’ is currently calculated as $9.1 million. Wikipedia mentions forty thousand premature deaths each year in the UK to air pollution alone, costing around £40 billion each year.

Can anybody refine these figures and how do they compare with estimated electrification tax losses?
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There's no reason that taxation revenue streams have to remain attached to driving. There are plenty of other places where money can (and should) be raised instead. Per mile charging could be applied to commercial vehicles only as they're the ones profiting from the infrastructure.
No driving to work then?
To profit from your employers wages they pay through profit?
However, I agree, taxing vehicles doesn't have to be the de facto form of raising revenue, but I don't see any government thinking outside of the box on the issue.
Personally, I think we should all pay more tax regardless, a flat amount dependent on earnings, rather than frivolous ones here and there based upon consumption.
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