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Government Tax Losses And Savings.

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Increasingly, people are mentioning that the Government will be loosing income from tax on cars and fuel with the movement to electric vehicles. To counter this does anyone have any information on the amount of money that will be directly saved, for example, by the NHS by the reduction in treatments for patients affected by vehicle pollution e.g. asthma, emphysema, COPD and so on as well as treating the various cancers attributed to environmental toxins?

There is also the sheer loss to the economy by premature deaths, i.e. loss of trained workers, loss of consumers, reduction of output, time off work, not to mention the emotional factors.

I understand that a common figure used by many UK government departments to calculate this ‘value of a prevented fatality‘ is £1.8 million per early death and to the US EPA the ‘value of life’ is currently calculated as $9.1 million. Wikipedia mentions forty thousand premature deaths each year in the UK to air pollution alone, costing around £40 billion each year.

Can anybody refine these figures and how do they compare with estimated electrification tax losses?
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I think I read that over 600,000 vehicles are not taxed and God knows how many are not insured.
ANPR and road charging is not really going to work on them. It will work for the honest folk on this forum but they will need to come up with something much better to stop the tax avoiding sc*m not paying their way and in the process making us all pay more.
So some ideas...
1) vastly increase number of police and or tax vehicle recovery units to remove and scrap/strip for parts any vehicle not registered and paying tax. Night time removals.

2) get stopped driving an untaxed or unregistered vehicle and owner receives a minimum £5k fine and vehicle taken. Driver if not owner get £1k fine.can be taken from wages or benifits.
Non payment automatic prison sentence.

3) New vehicles have built into them Kill switches that can be activated if nessesary if vehicle stolen.. used in crime.. Tax revenue not paid... If these are disabled by owner vehicle the vehicle is taken. And punishment as point 2.

Fed up with the majority of us putting up and paying for ****.
i guess if they start taxing cars properly there will be a hit elsewhere to the economy. if person X pays £100 a year and Y keeps that in his pocket, he will presumably spend that £100 on something else. So you merely switch that £100 from vat or income tax, to the vehicle tax.

im not saying don’t tax vehicles at all, just that could be why they don’t bother being too strict
The uk gov did spend £20bn on test and trace and yet we don’t have test and trace. They can certainly find money when they need to, and distribute it to their mates Call Me Dave and nobody bats an eyelid on the Tory side. Miserable sponging bastards. Higher tax on those arsewipes could pay for the offset.

apologies for rant.

back on topic, I would happily support grants like the French to get people to buy either a standard bike or an electric bike. I can’t help feeling that weight pricing would be tricky but not behind the realms of imagination. The data available currently for on board measurements could be used to decide weight so that an empty vehicle would be cheaper than a loaded one. For example, I don’t need all my work equipment tomorrow so I’m taking a light car, but I often have a fully loaded car at the start of a job, or if I am carrying additional passengers. Perhaps a ‘free‘ limit up to three passengers or equivalent?

the engine and cpu does the calculation already for required power.
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