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Granny charging with Batteries+PV

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I have 12.8KW of batteries which are 100% full by lunch time! So I’ve been using the granny charger when i‘m at home in the afternoon, but i would like to do if possible would be to take 30/40% out of the batteries in the morning and then the Solar will charge the batteries back up in the afternoon when i‘m not about!

Is there a way i can just draw from the batteries and solar and stop using from the Grid!

I have a Lux 3600 ac inverter.


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If I am interpreting your attachment correctly, your batteries are currently set to charge to 60% overnight during your GO window.

Do you need the full 60% in the morning before your solar kicks in or could you drop the overnight charge % to 20-30% leaving you more room in your batteries to soak up peak generation?
Yes I’m on Octopus Go! The batteries haven’t been charged from the grid for days! So they are above 70% when the solar starts adding to the batteries , that’s why i want to charge from the batteries in the morning to use 30/40% into the EV. If the PV is not producing above 2kw it will draw from the grid, this is what i want stop!and control the grid input!
Why not run the Granny evening/night whilst not using the cheap rate Go
At the moment I’ve 96% battery i will plug in the granny ,how do stop drawing from the grid?
Where is your fridge and TV currently drawing from ??
From the batteries!


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I will give it a try👍
Working fine now thanks for all your help and advise👍
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