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I've been using an evconnectors.com "granny" EVSE for 5 years now, and it's finally died good & proper. it "died" about a year ago, when it was flagging up overheating issues which I traced down to one of the 2 relays inside it overheating. (Long thread elsewhere about replacing that, & rescuing it for a while). Just recently it's been getting a bit warm, but it wasn't tripping the heat detector internally, so I didn't worry about it.

This EVSE is rated 16A; you can get it with a Commando plug for that. The same unit is supplied with 13A plug (mine) and you can still set this to all 5 choices of current; 6/8/10/13/16A ! I plugged it on & set it to 13A a few days ago for a quick top-up, & left it charging happily as it's done several times before. Came back a bit later & Ampera wasn't charging, and had engine warning light lit. I read the car's Error Log with dongle & Torque Lite, these were associated with invalid voltages on the CP wire from EVSE; this is the low-voltage line that signals what current is allowed to be taken by the car. EVSE itself has lots of front panel leds indicating status; everything was dead. 13A fuse in the plug was intact.

Taking it apart, the pcb internally has developed a short circuit, seems to be where the 13A mains wires come into it; these wires are terminated wih 1/4" clips, and the spade prongs are soldered into the pcb. One of these prongs looks very blown-up where it was soldered in.

The rest of the pcb has clearly suffered in several places, several chips/resistors/whatever are blown up with carbon flash marks, and there's a lot of soot on the cable leading to the front-cover leds+buttons.

This unit has done a lot of work, and I think it's earned its keep, so I've bought another of the same type to replace it. (I can re-use the relays from the old one (after I've checked them out!), and I may even be able to stick a Viridian ECU in there & rebuild it, using an ESP8266 to check the temps & apply relay cutout if overheating etc. A project for later this winter maybe).

Moral of the story:
1) If your EVSE seems to be getting warmer than usual, get it checked out BEFORE it blows up. My Ampera survived, but might not have done. If I'd checked it out & re-soldered those lugs, EVSE might have been fine for many more years.

2) If possible, avoid using higher currents on your EVSE than you really need. I'll be sticking religiously to 10A max from now on! Usually I run it at 6A on solar panels, and I think it's the occasional 13A use that's shortened its life! As it's rated for 16A, it should not have blown up. But it did. FWIW mine's not the only granny EVSE that's been known to fail...

3) Don't rely 100% on a single EVSE, if you 100% rely on your EV for committed travel, e.g commuting. I'm retired & can manage a few days w/o a charger (though I have a Rolec as well), or could in a pinch nick my wife's ICE! If you need 100% guaranteed charging availability, make sure you have a back-up charger (choice of street chargers/friend nearby/whatever).

4) Get yourself an OBD2 dongle, & app, to read & clear error-codes on your EV. Your dealer will charge a fortune for this! I cleared my error log & all is fine. I have ELM 327 Viecar Bluetooth 4.0 OBDII + Torque Lite free app; this dongle also works with IOS I understand. It's about £15, and reckoned in web reviews to be rather better than the real cheapo £5 ELM 327 dongles on eBay. But yourEV may need a different one - take expert advice!
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