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I see from Zap-Map that there are two rapid chargers in Great Cambourne, near Cambridge. We're going on a trip from Colchester to Northampton on Saturday so these could be quite useful. (Not essential, as apparently we'll be going shopping in Cambridge on the way so we can get charged up at the park and ride).

Anyway, Zap-Map says these rapids are Plugged in Midlands chargers, but they're not on the Plugged in Midlands map. A bit more research shows they are 2 of the 14 Cross Link chargers and therefore are Chargemaster.

So, is it simply that Zap-Map is wrong? Does anyone know if I'll be able to charge there with my Source East card (Source East and Plugged in Midlands have a roaming agreement) and if so how much they cost?


Edit: I've posted this in the wrong Forum haven't I? Paul could you move it please?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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