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Greetings from the US fellow ID.4 owner turned ID.4 accessories maker

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Hello from the other side of the pond. I own Volkswagen ID.4 first edition since March 2021 here on the east coast of the US. and also design and make 3D printed accessories for ID.4/ID.5.
Please check out my Etsy shop: YuriKAccessories - Etsy.

I know that shipping from the US to the UK is stupidly expensive which is why I offer flat $10 shipping for one of my most popular items, the sunglasses holder.
At this moment I offer:
  • floor tray that goes on the floor beneath the central console,
  • sunglasses tray that goes at the top front of the console,
  • drop in tray that is about 3/4 of the length of the central console opening
  • charging compartment shelf to allow for more than one phone in it
  • alignment insert into the wireless charging compartment to align AirPods wireless charging case for charging

If your order is above 60 USD before UAT and after ETSY coupons you can use coupon UK10OFF to get $10 OFF shipping.
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This is me with my car.
Happy New Year everyone
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