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Gumtree - Nissan Leaf for sale - £6200

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won't be long before I win my bet predicting £5000 Leaf in 2014

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@Kevin Sharpe You haven't put it up yourself just to worry me have you ;) ;) ;)
not at all... just looking forward to the celebration party :D
Either this is a windup or there is something else they are not telling about the car and if its not a windup they are stupidly selling it low.
@Paul_Churchley had a quote from we buy any car for £7420 recently and his has done a lot less miles than the gumtree Leaf iirc... prices are falling and the number of Leafs on sale is slowly increasing (now often around 200 on auto trader).
I am feeling better about my bet with @Kevin Sharpe all the time ;)
Only 11 months to go :D
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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