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Gumtree - Nissan Leaf for sale - £6200

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won't be long before I win my bet predicting £5000 Leaf in 2014

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The seller is sellingat least 4 grand under what a car with that kind of mileage goes for there is something not right about it, book price is at least 10K just go on Autotrader and look.

Either this is a windup or there is something else they are not telling about the car and if its not a windup they are stupidly selling it low.

The other day there was a Leaf on Autotrader for about the same price, it was clearly a mistake as 2 hours later the same car was back up to 11K.
Its either a fake add or there is something that they are not telling you about the car, if you want a laugh put your roadster in to we buy any car and see how much they offer you, they are a massive piss take and can not be used to judge the residuals on any car.

Sure second hand prices are dropping but not by this much, this is also why leasing is the preferred option, I hate to think what some of the early adopting high mileage leaf owners are going to get for their cars in the future, but that is the price you pay for early adoption.
You cant use we buy any car as a guide to residual prices, they are in the business of selling the car on at more and nearer to the actual book price of the car, sure they might give you more than the garage would as a trade in but then you never get a good price off a garage on a trade in unless like all good carpet salesmen they mark it up to mark it down again.

Autotrader averages on dealer and private sales is a much better yardstick to go by, this deal stinks of fish, I have been buying and selling cars for a long time, there are always deals like this on Autotrader too and there is always always a catch or worse.

I cant see a Leaf hitting 5K this year unless its in a bad way or has done spaceship miles and the battery is missing bars.
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1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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