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My wife & I felt the same when had test drive last year. Not good enough. I thought the screens poor resolution which was a big disappointment as they dominate the cabin. The drivers screen was much better though.
poor efficiency and we drove in summer temperatures. 26 degC or so. Got same efficiency as you. Solid feeling and drives well enough but TOO heavy for such a small car which is why efficiency is so poor.
fantastic turning circle but that is not that much of a selling point overall. No frunk unforgivable in a ground up design EV with a tiny boot!
And it has just 50kw charging speeds but on release said it was 100 kW capable.
A colleague pre ordered and owns one. Likes it but purely short distance commuter car. But almost £30k for a short distance commuter car?! Was getting 50-60 mile range this winter. Just not good enough. Same as original Leaf from 2010.
Lots of YT reviews marvelling at the aquarium on the screens and that you could plug in a kettle In th 3 pin socket. In the real world though, former is a 5 minute wonder/gimmick and the latter much more useful in a bigger batteried EV! With such a minuscule range most owners would be worried about losing even more mileage By plugging in high drain electrical equipment.
They need to put a slightly bigger battery in it. eg-45kwh to 50kwh and keep the price the same or lower. Will sell better then. Not seen another on the road apart from my colleague’s so I don’t think they have sold that many.
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