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I have just received this :

Dear all,

I am writing to you as a resident that has previously expressed an interest in electric vehicle chargepoints in Hampshire, particularly those that are funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

The procurement and installation of chargepoints has been a slow process, but I am happy to confirm that at this moment in time 5 rapid chargepoints have been installed, and now are awaiting grid connection and commissioning before becoming available to members of the public (commissioning is the process whereby the back office providers set all of their functions to ‘live’, i.e. payments, online mapping). They are in the following towns:


We have also installed chargepoint on the Isle of Wight (Newport), as well as a chargepoint in Oxfordshire (the local authorities in question partnered with Hampshire County Council in securing funding).

You may note that these locations are quite different to the original list that was published. Some of the original locations fell through after new uncertainties arose about the future of the sites, whilst in another example we came up against mounting costs caused by pressures on the local grid.

The process of grid connection and commissioning will happen from the start of next week. Look out for a press release later on in the month of August, this will make you aware of the confirmed availability of the chargepoints, as well as details about exact locations, payments, mapping of wider networks etc. I will also send another email to alert you to this.

Two further things to add –

1)The above 5 do not represent the end of chargepoint installation in Hampshire yet, some 7kW chargepoints are to follow shortly, and there remains a possibility to install a further rapid chargepoint. In particular we will look to add infrastructure in areas not currently covered by the 5 chargepoints above.

2)In previous communications with some of you I have alluded to ChargeYourCar (CYC) being the chosen back office provider for these chargepoints. In a recent change, we will instead be using Chargepoint Services, who are the providers of back office functions for the network of chargepoints at motorway service station.

Best Regards,

Daniel Hunt Senior Project Officer Energy & Environment Futures Hampshire County Council Tel: 01962 832273 Email: [email protected] Web: www.hants.gov.uk
My initial thoughts ..

- Significantly different from what was initially planned / suggested. Now all town locations. Previously was only Ringwood and Petersfield.
- None on A road services?
- What happened to SSE operating them?
- 7kW chargers had previously been scrapped, so this may be good.
- I wonder how much they have spent so far..
- I wonder what they will cost to use...
- I wonder where they actually are!!

Let the hunt begin!

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The Newport one is interesting, the only one on the Island! I wonder where abouts it is, might have a look tomorrow I I have time!
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Looking at the list I wonder if they are all in HCC owned or operated car parks near town centres. I have mailed back and asked for more information on exact locations.

The A road ones have gone... The units on the A34 going will be a bit of a loss. As the HCC units are to be run by Chargepont services I wonder if ecotricity are going to take the proposed A road locations instead..?

Will be interesting to see what the setup is with regards to payment / time limits and ICE. As I have said before I (personally) don't feel RCs 'belong' in retail areas. 1/2 a dozen 7kW units would serve better, but we will see.

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The Newport one is interesting, the only one on the Island! I wonder where abouts it is, might have a look tomorrow I I have time!
Is that just a 7kWh charger?
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