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That should increase the ride height by about 20mm and make the speedo under read by 5%. Mileage should potentially be better but acceleration will be worse.
Thanks Giles

20mm is less than 1 inch but it’s definitely better, however I keep my Tyre pressure to 30-35 on current nexen.

but are you sure it increases mileage? I asked my dealer about the Tyre change but they were adamant that same size Tyre is mandatory with efficient treads/eco-run.

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Actually, no one knows what will happen to the mileage. I am so used to thinking in petrol/diesel car terms which will give better mileage when the gearing is raised. If you drove at the same speedo readings, you'll be going faster so the drag will rise and consume power so mileage will be slightly worse.
You could compensate by using more efficient tyres.
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