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It's simply not worth trying to be able to 100% charge an EV from solar every day of the year. My 4kW panels (that's the most I see in middle of a perfect summer day) is maxing out at about 1kW if it's a really sunny January day right now (just had 3 of these in a row - wow!) and is giving me 4 kWh daily!!! My January total will be around 80 kWh I expect, enough for nearly 7 Ampoera fillups. So I'd need a 16 kW panel setup plus a large house battery to smooth the dull days - pointless tbh, as I'd be exporting huge amounts during the summer & losing money hand over fist.

You need to consider house consumption as well. I generate 4000 kWh p.a., my house grid use dropped by 1000 kWh p.a., and the other 3000 kWh powers my EV 100% solar for 12k miles p.a.

In summer I charge the Grid up by exporting lots to it, reducing their gas consumption then, and in winter I take it all out again & pay them for the flexibility to do this. My summer max production is 30 kWh, so I could charge 2 Amperas daily with that and power the house as well!
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