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I discovered last night that when I go into the Zero Emissions menu and press any option, the system completely freezes. My music will still continue to play, but it will go completely unresponsive after pressing anything within that menu, for 30-60 seconds maybe, then go back to normal. But will never load anything from that menu for me anymore no matter how much I try and will instead just freeze again each time I try.

Everything else works fine. It responds to all touches and menu options inside navigation, phone or radio options. It's literally just the zero emission menu. Tried again this morning and it is still doing the same. The carwings app also doesn't want to work anymore, but I can't really use that as a potential symptom of whatever is wrong since it was never reliable to start with and may be an unrelated issue.

Any ideas what could have brought this on, or how to sort it out?
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