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My name's Bill and I'm an EV addict!

Having grown up with a passion for all things 'car' and spending many hours building Tamiya RC cars as a kid, I always wondered how much fun this technology would be if it was scaled beyond toy size. Well, here we are and we all now know it's jolly good fun, saves a penny or 1000 and is reliable car ownership to boot.

I established VZERO.co.uk to make available great condition, nearly new and low mileage EV's to buyers like me who felt the new car market was a tad too hefty. After all, EV's suffer their bulk of depreciation in the first year and make incredible sense financially after that first year of ownership.

Buying new does make sense for many buyers though, and that's fine but we just want to concentrate on the nearly new marketplace and help people make the jump from ICE to EV at a lower price level.

Looking forward to meeting many of you at meetings and events over the coming year and appreciate any feedback or comments you have moving forward.

Kind regards

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