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That's Yorkshire, in case you didn't know.

I have been running a Golf GTE since July 2017 and really enjoyed the car. Being retired, the mileage is still under 5000mls but we ususally use it as a pure EV for our daily trips with the ICE for security on the periodic long journeys.

Since the exit from our drive is blind and we have to park nose-in to reach the charging cable, silent reversing is a daily event. After a few near misses with pedestrians (in spite of hazard lights), I got a reversing horn installed. It cost me about £60 fitted and is a quite quiet steady note - more of an 'excuse me' than a 'get out of the way'. A great stress reducer when maneuvring in supermarket carparks too.

This forum is fascinating. I have made a few posts elsewhere already before realising that I should start here.
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