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A massive hello to everyone here. I have been passionate about EVs for several years now and now am fortunate to work on an exciting project with Octopus Electric Vehicles. The project is called Powerloop and is focussing on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging. V2G reminds us of the connection between the electric vehicle and the wider energy ecosystem.

Powerloop consists of a bundle through which we give you the tools to do V2G (a brand new 40kwh Nissan Leaf and the Quasar Wallbox Charger) and we will support you at each stage to ensure your home is V2G ready. This is a trial project and the more people we can get using this cutting-technology in the South East of UK, the more tangible data we will have to be able to roll-out this technology nationwide. Any questions you have, let me know, would be more than happy to help.

For more information visit: Powerloop-V2G | Octopus Electric Vehicles
Free Powerloop workshops available on: Powerloop, learn more about the future of the energy network

Let's get a discussion going! :)

Note to Mods: I'm aware that I should be using a Vendor account. I've tried to get in touch to get this organised but have received no response so far. Please let me know what how to get this sorted asap
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