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Well just when a fellow is too broke for an EV and doubtful that his prayers to a higher power (God for short?) cars -

- he almost crashes his gas guzzler into an ABANDONED / good for nothing? Nissan Leaf.

Except for a broken window, and a few other parts, the body looks good.
So maybe prayers have value!

He prays again. Then he asks the owner of the parking lot about it. Is it for sale?
Parking lot owner would be grateful if the "brick" is towed off the property IMMEDIATELY.
Explaining that he has a covid shot scheduled in 30 minutes, he goes, gets shot,
- and comes back in appx 1 hour. The car is still there!

No one but he would be foolish enough to take it.
It's a 2011 not a 2013...
Leaf not Tesla...

So, as if he doesn't have enough projects and problems, he sees that IN ADDITION to mechanical issues
(too boring, non-electric, and inappropriate for this forum),
thieves have removed its navigation / center console LCD screen.

He says hmm... maybe I could replace that?

Drops almost everything, has the Leaf towed, and ends up on this forum with questions.
... Restoration is possible, but a RUNNING car like this
in his area (San Francisco, California)
might only cost $3800....

Can he turn a new Leaf?
Will he wish he had Leaved it alone?

I'll try to post more in the Nissan Leaf forum.
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