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Hello everyone,
My name is Brian, I live in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire which for a small town already boasts a charging point and nearby Milton Keynes also has a few.
I took delivery of my Ampera Electron in Summit White on 1st May with 2 others, (not mine) one red and another white from Motorbodies in Luton.
Having been a E-Pioneer since last June and taken a test drive at Millbrook in November, decided I would like one because of its distinctive good looks, lack of noise, no polluting exhaust when on electric mode, low fuel costs, free road tax and liking the concept of being part of the future.
I am getting over 250 MPG with a lifetime estimate of 198MPG but have mainly have done short trips mostly on electric under normal mode. Even when on petrol the battery often kicks in, using less petrol than you would think.
Expect my MPG will rise drastically when on holiday and going for long day trips
As an example, yesterday I had 42 miles expected mileage on battery, I did 26 miles but only used 21 miles so 5 miles were entirely free, cost of electricity less than 40 pence on economy 7. the extra mileage was gained from the regen braking and going down hills. It's good to go out for a ride without thinking of the cost or destroying the planet.
My observation since owning one, conventional cars are so noisy inside and outside, must be good for towns.
Looking forward to your comments both negative and positive.
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