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Been a long time lurker on this site.
I have an interest in EV.
I am currently engaged on a number of European related activities regarding the promotion of E-mobility.
As part of this I am actively thinking of joining the ranks of EV ownership.
(two colleagues of mine, one from Belgium and one from The Netherlands recently attended a meeting in London and came over in their BEVs - one a leaf and one a Tesla S - and if they can do it then so could i?)
It would be a private purchase and would be the main family car.
Hence I am swayed towards the Ampera or the Outlander (although the Nissan deal to have a hire of an ICE for up to 14 days a year also puts the Leaf sort of in the picture, but other available hybrids have smaller battery capacity and hence less useful electric range - one major annoyance of mine is that whilst the press continually talks about range, as an engineer what I want in the actual capacity and many reviews in well know publications seem to omit the capacity - this is what I compare first and foremost)
I was intrigued by some of the deals being described here on this site regarding the AMPERA
It is a huge shame that Vauxhall have not done more with this vehicle
(i was able to see and ride in one of the first in the UK back in early 2012)
However, the fact that the current gen model is quickly running out of time it seems that there is opportunity for a good deal.
Another however, is the fact that I am more than aware that the technology change in this sector is quick and what can be good decisions are often, with the benefit of hindsight, less so further on down the line (ask Fluence owners about 2nd hand values)
Therefore I would be looking to lease or PCP or anything ideally that would not see me in negative equity in 3 or 4 years time.
I have spoken to Pentagon and they are to get back to me, but any advice that comes my way I would be only to happy to receive.


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Hello and welcome.
Have had an ampera for nearly 6 weeks. If you do shorter journeys then you can make good use of the battery, however for longer journeys the petrol range extender is sadly not as good as a diesel for efficiency.
Having said that, my overall lifetime fuel economy is 108mpg at the minute, whereas in my relatively economical volvo v50 (1.6 diesel) I was getting an average of 65mpg when new, slowly reducing to 55-60mpg after 3 years.
If you travel under 100 miles per day, and have generally well spread out journeys, then a leaf should be high up on your list.
If your journeys are random and short notice, then a range extender is a fair compromise (hence my choice of ampera).
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