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Hi I have a question on which car you would recommend.

I need to do a 230 mile journey twice a month (a303) mainly going at 70mph.
I have roughly 12-18k.very little other driving no commute.

Crucially for the next 8-20 months I have no way to charge at home. But potentially could one way (in London).

I was recommended the zoe ze40 or newer one but not sure it will get me there especially in winter without 2 30-40 min charges.

So with electric out? what is my next best move plugin or hybrid? Please help very confused what to go for.
Can you please help me understand why you 'need' to mainly go at 70mph.

Not only does this seem an unnecessary restriction on your conditions, there is simply no way you can sustain 70mph on the A303.

If you bumble along with the trucks you will do 230 miles easy enough in a 50kWh Zoe. Just leave 15 minutes earlier and your destination arrival time will be the same as 'aiming' for 70. You will also add less to CO2 impact.

If you want an EV to reduce environmental impact, why is 15 mins of your time more important than unnecessary CO2 emissions?

Just bear in mind with a Zoe that you have no heating in winter, if you also want a car with air conditioning. Forget 40kWh cars.

Get a Korean 60kWh thing.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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