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I need to do a 230 mile journey twice a month (a303) mainly going at 70mph.
I have roughly 12-18k.very little other driving no commute.

Crucially for the next 8-20 months I have no way to charge at home. But potentially could one way (in London).

I was recommended the zoe ze40 or newer one but not sure it will get me there especially in winter without 2 30-40 min charges.
So it depends how committed you are to the cause.

If you have no daily commute then you might find you can charge something like a Zoe once a week when you do your weekly shop (remember the Zoe has 22 kA AC charging).

These days there are plenty of charging options on the A303. So you’d need one stop each way to get there in a Zoe 40.

It is possible, so long as you are happy to be flexible.

As people say, it can be a real hassle not having home charging. Having said that, we haven’t charged our Zoe at home for the past 6 months. We just do it when we go out shopping as there are decent chargers near us.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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