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I have driven EVs for about 10 years now and at no point had the ability to easily charge at home. It is possible, but it can be inconvenient at times, especially at the start while you get used to it and find the routine that works for you.

If you have good charging nearby, or at your supermarket of choice, place of work etc. then it's easy enough to do. The only other thing to note would be the long distance trip you do. You need to make sure you can easily charge along there.

If you get the Zoe ZE40 You are probably best off getting the Q90 Variant. The range is very slightly shorter than the R90/R110 models, but it charges faster (up to 43kW vs up to 22kW) Which would shorten the time you are at a charger topping up. As has already been said above me, the journey should be possible on only one charge rather than 2.

The Zoe ZE50 has a larger battery pack. In good weather if you take it easy you could possibly even do it without charging in one of them, but in most cases especially as it gets colder you will still need a top up. You can also specify CCS Rapid charging on the ZE50 model which will make these top ups even quicker and easier (There's generally more CCS rapid chargers than AC rapids out there)

The Hyundai and Kia cars with 64kWh batteries would be your best bet for being able to comfortably do this without worrying about charging, but that would only be possible if you can stretch the budget. Otherwise I agree one of the Zoes would be best if you definitely want to go with EV and don't mind stopping to recharge.

If you go away from the EV idea, don't bother with a plug-in hybrid. You say that your journeys are mostly these long distance ones with no commute. You're not going to get much benefit and theres simply more expense and more to go wrong. Just get yourself something efficient and with low emissions at that point.

As Srichards above me just suggested, there is always ONTO. Even if you just try them out for a month to get an idea of how it could work for you. They have both the Renault Zoe ZE40 and ZE50, as well as the Hyundai Kona 64kWh all available. You can add extra miles if necessary. Use code 'cada7' if you do sign up and you can get £50 off the first month for trying them out.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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