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Tesla or something 64kw from the Koreans will be splendid for you - in the very worst depths of winter at 5 degrees or less you will have to either slow down (55-60 at most) or have some form of charge at some point - but easy the rest of the time.

Sadly I don't know if your budget will get you into one of these. But think on that it's cheaper to buy better once, than buy badly twice.....

So get the CAR that does the right job. If your budget is £18k - what have you based that on? If it's a monthly payment, given your vastly reduced running costs, maybe up that a little? Or if it's cash, given your reduced running costs, a small bank loan to top up?

Basically, I have no home charger, but there are lots of free points near me (you may not have, but check local Tesco / Asda / car parks etc for free chargers - I save £200 a month on fuel - so that in itself gets you about £10k loan.....

If you can't get something with a 60 KWH battery +, consider waiting a bit, or going ICE...... Nothing worse than an EV that frustrates constantly!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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