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Hi I have a question on which car you would recommend.

I need to do a 230 mile journey twice a month (a303) mainly going at 70mph.
I have roughly 12-18k.very little other driving no commute.

Crucially for the next 8-20 months I have no way to charge at home. But potentially could one way (in London).

I was recommended the zoe ze40 or newer one but not sure it will get me there especially in winter without 2 30-40 min charges.

So with electric out? what is my next best move plugin or hybrid? Please help very confused what to go for.
Drive slower (55-60mph) or rapid charge once each way, or get richer, or come back in 5 years. Whithout home charging even a PHEV is not worth it. Get a Diesel.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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