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Hey guys,

I'm back with another EV community-sourced resource I'm creating for other electric car geeks like myself and you.

This time it's an interactive EV industry map that ultimately maps out every OEM, model, charging network, platform, factory, battery maker & recycler, etc. ONLY connected to electric cars, also no hybrids.
When finished, this should give anyone an exact big picture of how the industry and the connections look like. Who is and who owns who.
Why do I do this? Industry reports usually cost $5k+ for a slice of this and I'm on a mission to make this info widely accessible to us 'non-corporate' peeps.

I've got roughly 500 connections already. It took me a few months to build this. And I know I'm lacking THOUSANDS of data points still, so that's why I thought why not make it together with the EV community?

This is how the zoomed-out picture looks like of the Map:
Purple Art Font Violet Circle

And a sample of a second-level focus on General Motors:

Now, if you don't care about these kinds of things, be my guest and carry on.

If you do want to help the EV community,
please look at the map (map.evuniverse.io) and see if you can contribute to it (via the form on the site or here in the comments).

Make sure you check out the 5min video I made on how to filter or focus the map for ease of use.

By the way, to incentivize people to contribute, I put some little bonus prizes there from my own pocket too. :)
(PS I'll be posting the same under other subforums here if I find I'm lacking in other areas. Hope you don't mind.)

Any feedback on the rest of the map is really appreciated too. Cheers.
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