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Hi All,

Have a really bizarre problem here. Twice in the last six months my home router has either crashed, been rebooted, or we've lost the internet.
When this happens, we are unable to charge the car unless we turn off the main electricity feed into the house and back on again. I assume in order to reboot the home charger.

The second time it did it, we didn't notice until next morning when the car was still flat. Luckily I'm working from home, but the mrs isn't. Imagine the embarassement of having to explain to her boss why she can't come into work because the internet was down.

It seems very strange that the car won't charge without an internet connection.

any ideas?

Mine is connected to its own mini consumer unit so can be turned off without affecting the rest of the house.

The smart features don't work for me so I always charge using boost mode and use the car's timer to schedule charging. This doesn't need an internet connection.
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