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Hi all, from my posts on twitter and FB , you may know that ive recently moved to Orkney. eco-cars.net
Sounds like a shrewd move. In the last week, I've just done the Outer Hebrides and currently in Islay (Inner Hebrides) and from what I've learned from the council, they are very keen to see a move towards renewable energy and are showing the way with their own charger network (Lewis, Harris, Benbecula and Barra). When you see a 30+ ton petrol tanker taking up 1/4 of the ferry space - you can see the fallacy? There is certainly a lot of renewable energy potential. Biggest player though is the ferry company (Caledonian MacBrayne) who are currently in the process of installing twin and tripple-head chargers at most of their ports! There is still much investment required to get EV traffic to the departure ports - but that will probably happen this year! Might try Orkney and Shetland - next year - see you then!:cool::cool: PS All the good weather is up north this easter!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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