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Android or iOS? I'm surprised you don't already use Canion and have an adaptor for that? :)

On Android most ELM327 adaptors should work with Hobdrive but some will not. (There's a lot of rubbish clones on ebay and it's hard to tell which are the good or bad ones) As they're so cheap it may be worth taking a punt on one and giving it a go.

I used an OBDLink LX for Canion on Android and can confirm that it works fine with Hobdrive as well. It's not a cheap adaptor but it's good quality and one of the recommended adaptors for Canion. (It's much cheaper to buy it from the manufacturer in the USA - US $49 plus modest shipping to the UK vs £80 bought in the UK!)

All adaptors which work with Canion will work with Hobdrive but the reverse is not true as Canion only works with adaptors which use the STN11xx chipset. (Which also has an ELM327 emulation mode)

On iOS the situation is different. Only Bluetooth LE (4.0) adaptors will work with Hobdrive or indeed other apps like Leafspy. None of the OBDLink devices support Bluetooth LE.
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