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Home charge installation

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I am still looking into a home charging unit , i hoped to put into ion my side wide so it can be used at the back of my house ( in garage) or at front in driveway . I am still waiting on Quotes because my smart meter has not been installed yet.

This may mean it's not a standard installation so i am just a bit concerned tere may be quite a considerable additional cost .
Has anyone else done this ? Do they have to lift flooring etc or do they run it like a cable along the wall. I'm either looking at EO ( maybe through Octopus ) or Zappi , neither need a earthing rod which i believe is better .
just looking to get a ballpark to plan budget wise , the distance may be about 5-6 feet
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Where is your meter relative to the side of the house? Is it in an external box? Also can you clarify your first sentence?
To answer your original question, installers are unlikely to lift floorboards to install the wires from the meter to outside unless you pay a premium or arrange for the floorboards to already be lifted when they arrive. Most likely they will want to run them along a wall in trunking but it will not be inconspicuous are the cables are quite thick.
I'd suggest lifting the floorboards yourself or paying a tame builder (if you know one) to do it for you.
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