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Home charge installation

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I am still looking into a home charging unit , i hoped to put into ion my side wide so it can be used at the back of my house ( in garage) or at front in driveway . I am still waiting on Quotes because my smart meter has not been installed yet.

This may mean it's not a standard installation so i am just a bit concerned tere may be quite a considerable additional cost .
Has anyone else done this ? Do they have to lift flooring etc or do they run it like a cable along the wall. I'm either looking at EO ( maybe through Octopus ) or Zappi , neither need a earthing rod which i believe is better .
just looking to get a ballpark to plan budget wise , the distance may be about 5-6 feet
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Sorry I don't know what happened with my first sentence
It should say I hope to have it attached to the side of my house , The electric meter is around 5-6 feet ( measured internally ) away from the side wall I hope to fit the charging unit on.
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Thanks , I had thought that may be what i need to do, helpful
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