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I have an electrician coming out this week to look at installing a chargepoint, and he has said he can install any of the following chargepoints: Rolec, Zappi, Project EV, EV box or Ohme. I've heard bad things about Rolec, and good things about Zappi. I haven't heard of Project EV or EV Box, but I have read the Ohme chargepoint isn't worth it. He hasn't given any prices yet, but I am sure Zappi will be more than I want to pay. I want a basic tethered smart chargepoint - I don't need solar integration or anything, but I would like the ability to turn it on/off and schedule charging in an app. I was leaning towards an EO charegpoint but it doesn't sound like he does those. Anyone have experience with Project EV or EV Box? Are they decent?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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