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I have an electrician coming out this week to look at installing a chargepoint, and he has said he can install any of the following chargepoints: Rolec, Zappi, Project EV, EV box or Ohme. I've heard bad things about Rolec, and good things about Zappi. I haven't heard of Project EV or EV Box, but I have read the Ohme chargepoint isn't worth it. He hasn't given any prices yet, but I am sure Zappi will be more than I want to pay. I want a basic tethered smart chargepoint - I don't need solar integration or anything, but I would like the ability to turn it on/off and schedule charging in an app. I was leaning towards an EO charegpoint but it doesn't sound like he does those. Anyone have experience with Project EV or EV Box? Are they decent?
Not sure why the Ohme would be deemed to be not worth it. It is one of the cheaper units out there.

Zappi will definitely be more than you want to pay based on your criteria.
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